Rabaconda värbab eksport turgudele müügijuhi

Rabaconda värbab eksportturgudele head müügijuhti, kes tahaks tegeleda ägeda asjaga, ning ei kardaks reisimist, tööd, süsteemiloomist, suhtlemist, ega keelte õppimist.

Kuna keelteoskus on esimene nõudmine, siis edasi järgneb inglisekeelne kuulutus:

Racing for excellent results gets your blood pumping?
Rabaconda (www.rabaconda.com) makes innovative motorsport products and helps dirt bike fans turn their ideas into reality. We have sold our products to more than 50 countries all over the world and today we can confidently say that we are on a mission to make a difference in the world of off-road motorsports.

We are looking for a true Sales Champ to jump in the saddle and make their race of a lifetime all about:
– building a global clientbase of new customers as well as retaining superb relations with the existing ones;
– establishing and maintaining professional relations with resellers, dealers, and partners;
– representing and selling our quality products at relevant events;
– organising sales whilst constantly implementing efficient sales processes and systems as well as working out cross-sales opportunities;
– planning, budgeting, and preparing statistics and analysis for the management.

You are THE true Sales Champ if:
– you have a proven track record of successful international sales;
– you are a systematic and strategic racer with a clear vision as well as functioning plan;
– you possess outstanding negotiation skills and are not scared of showing it off;
– you are a persistant, goal-orientated operator who loves travelling and meeting people.

Passion for motorsport and ability to speak another language (e.g. Italian, French or Spanish) in addition to English would be absolutely awesome.

In order to keep our Sales Champ in top form, we offer:
– possibility to be part of the company’s growth;
– motivating salary + sales bonus;
– usage of great equipment and software;
– financing your language courses;
– exciting challenges at international level;
– fun business trips and new buddies in the thrilling motorsport world.

Do not put a brake on, but speedily send your CV together with a motivation letter to:marit@hcd.ee