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Motorsports season continues with enduro sprint event “KTM Madona 2019”

On 11th May in Latvia, in Madona, MX Park “Smeceres sils” will host the first stage of Baltic Cup and the second stage of Latvian Cup in enduro sprint, and the second stage of Latvian Championship in enduro.

MX Park “Smeceres sils” is one of the most favourite motocross tracks for many riders. As many have experienced, the adjacent enduro track can also be challenging, but this year the organisers have made it passable also for beginners as the difficulty of the route will vary between classes.

This stage of enduro sprint competitions will be a warm-up ahead of the European Championship stage, which will take place on 29-30 June this year in the same location.

Competition Director Romāns Ērkulis says that, the basic competition route will be the same as it was last year, but it has been made much more interesting. “The part of the route, which will be intended only for E classes, Senior 40+ and Junior 16+ classes, will be more difficult, there will be sections previously not included in competitions and appropriate only for the experienced athletes. For the other classes the route will be easier,” said Romāns Ērkulis. This year there will be two enduro special tests on the route. They will be more technical, slower and with real enduro elements. One of them will also include some motocross elements. The track will be interesting for all participants. Competition director invites all riders to participate in the race and not to be afraid of what may have seemed a difficult competition last year.

See you in Madona!

“KTM Madona 2019” Competition Agenda
Registration of competitors 8:00 – 11:00
Technical inspection 8:20 – 11:20
Placement of machines in parc ferme by 11:30
Participants’ meeting 11:30
First start 12:30
Awarding around 18:30

Registration: For early application for the competition, the rider must electronically apply on by 14:00 on 10th May 2019. In case of any questions please send an email to

Enduro sprint competition regulations: